Thursday, November 11, 2010

My FAVORITE Podcast Site!

Yes, it's true...I can't believe I haven't officially shared it with you yet...maybe I've taken it for granted, but I must admit, Podomatic is by far, my favorite place to find ANY kind of podcast you want. I'm not sure if you've noticed or not, but to the right of this blog, a little lower, you will notice a widget that says "House Junkee Podcast." Notice the "Junkee" similarities? Well, that's because I am also a DJ, who spins ALL kinds of house music and I created House Junkee for people who don't like to be pigeonholed into just one type of "House Music" (since there are SO many). I chose Podomatic because I knew I could reach a much broader audience by offering free downloads AND free subscription through i-tunes. They also offer a wide variety of statistics for each podcaster, depending on which package you choose (free and up). So there you have it...whether you want music, poetry, talk radio, tech tips, sports, TV & Film, etc. This is your place to find it all! Now go run free and tell me what you think...

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